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Technology & Activism

2019 | Transforming Ideas at Equifax

I created and lead a pilot at Equifax that focuses on empowering ideas generated from employees around the company. The pilot takes new ideas and grows them into innovative, customer-focused initiatives that benefit Equifax and its stakeholders globally. We then work with multiple teams internally to align resources for rapid prototyping and deployment. The process was inspired by working with other employees and bringing together multiple groups- technology, marketing, product management, security, legal, etc.

2019 | Citizens Oversight Committee

I was appointed to the Cobb County School Board's F&T Citizens Oversight Committee, and was later elected as the Secretary of the committee. It is the primary duty of this committee to hold public meetings and ensure that the Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (e-SPLOST) Notebook is balanced and aligned with the Board's voted issues. We also serve as an extension to the community, quickly escalating concerns for increased attention. It is our goal as a committee to maintain influence on the School Board's decisions as a result of direct contact with community members.

2017 | Policy Pilots and Advocacy

Throughout my time as a campaign manager, technologist, author, small business owner, and politically active youth, I developed policy ideas with the help of experts and members in the community. I am constantly searching for community partners who like to test these policies. Such efforts have yielded the Valuable Lessons (Education), ALL In (Libraries & Economic Development), and Subscription Healthcare (Healthcare Insurance) pilots. Other examples include being involved in multiple organizations (see interesting facts) and sourcing opportunities that can be brought to the Cobb County community such as the Junior Achievement Campus.

2016 | Supporting Elected Officials Around Cobb

While working full time and operating HackOut Ninja, I wanted to continue giving back to my community. When Kwanza Hall decided to run for mayor, he wanted me on his campaign, and sent me to a training camp. Here is where I met our now District 40 House Representative Erick Allen and School Board Representative Dr. Jaha Howard. Over the last few years, I have had the opportunity to serve as campaign manager for several races and work on behalf of some of our other elected officials. Relationships matter, and I look forward to working alongside their efforts in getting real stuff done.

2015 | HackOut Ninja- Frictionless Innovation

A few years ago, my business partner and I set out on an ambitious goal to open a business focused on democratizing mentorships and project development. It was during these years that we stumbled upon the rapidly growing hackathon market which has serves to spark innovation and connection among people and ideas. Hackathons go beyond the technical realm. Many attempt to solve major social issues with programs and businesses, education, or skill development. It was in establishing this business that we taught ourselves to code, and began slowly deploying HackOut Ninja, a software, which helps hackathon organizers and attendees in their quests for frictionless innovation. Pursuing this market has led us to support hackathons looking to curb the impacts of institutionalized racism, bridging gaps in education, retooling populations, empowering residents in gentrifying neighborhoods, and launching small businesses. Others in the works include immigration, the refugee crisis overseas, and Flint's water problem. As a young company, we are able to take advantage of many opportunities to help us grow and ensure that our company will bring a net positive to the community.

Ramblin' Wreck from Georgia Tech

2012 | GT Alum Biomedical Engineering/Pre Med and Public Policy

I graduated from Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Biomedical Engineering with a Pre-Med focus, and a certificate in Pre-Law. I entered into the private sector working for a mid-size company that developed software for law-firms named Aderant.

2011 | Created GT Leadership Initiative Pilot (Tech Leaders)

While at Georgia Tech, it was evident that new wave of leadership would come from the Technology sector. This has shown to be true as questions about genomics, privacy, and personal data ownership have become more common. In order to help position Georgia Tech as a producer of leaders who were responsible and ethically minded around the new technologies, I worked as an undergraduate intern with the newly branded Leadership Initiative. GT Startup was a pilot program from Freshmen and Sophomores to develop a keen sense of awareness in their innovative activities. The pilot included a robust leadership curriculum, Harvard Business Case studies for practical application, and a series of speakers. This curriculum became my first publication- Influence.

2010 | AIPAC Involvement

AIPAC is a lobbying group focused on strengthening the US and Israel relationship. While in college, I attended AIPAC training sessions focused on the role of foreign aid with reagrds to the interests of the United States. I travelled overseas to visit faciltiies first-hand and gained a heightened appreciation of the interconnectedness of our world. I also came to a newfound appreciation for the work that is done on behalf of immigrant communities and the very important role immigrants play in our communities. Advocating for peace and strong bonds between countries and encouraging exchange of ideas means a higher chance for impactful growth in our local communities.

2007 | Congratulations Yellow Jacket

2005 | North Springs High School

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina disrupted my high school years. My parents, after learning about North Springs' magnet program in Math, Science, Arts, and Music, thought it to be the best place for me to continue my education. While at North Springs, I continued my academic courses and extra-curriculars, but my grades from Benjamin Franklin High School in New Orleans were inaccessible. To remedy this, the school assigned grades to me which lowered my GPA, impacting my college options.

Born in New Orleans

2005 | Global Warming Theory & Hurricane Katrina

Leading up to Hurricane Katrina, I had been a junior in high school and fascinated by the weather. I had developed a theory indicating that the potency of severe thunderstorms and hurricanes could be decreased by utilizing a naturally occurring process. In pursuing further research, I was given a segment on the local news discussing the research both in New Orleans and later Atlanta. I was also contacted by a local congressional representative to extend research facilities and faculty at Tulane to continue my work. Four days after that conversation, I was a displaced "refugee" in Atlanta by way of Hurricane Katrina.

2003 | Benjamin Franklin High School

1993 | North Carolina and Georgia

1989 | Charity Hospital in New Orleans

Interesting Facts

I participated in the Miss Teen GA and Miss GA pageants.

I sing Opera and pursued a music career at one point.

I have written three books, but only one is published.

I was House Representative Erick Allen's Campaign Manager for his 2018 election.

I was School Board Member Dr. Jaha Howard's Campaign Manager for his 2018 election.

I appeared twice on the news speaking about my Hygrotheory research while in High School.

I am classified as gifted in art and music.

My brother played football for The University of Alabama

Guiding Principles

I Will Always

Advocate on behalf of the marginalized and pursue the outcomes that benefit all affected parties in a given issue.

Seek to determine the motivation behind policies and initiatives to best determine a course of action.

Engage with partners in the effort to develop policies, programs, and laws.

Seek to preserve and promote the safety of our communities and champion justice for all crimes.

Commit to develop solutions that consider the future.

Be willing to listen and understand viewpoints that are different from my own.

Pursue knowledge of things to come and of things passed.

Disseminate information for responsible transparency.

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