Stormwater Management

We face incredible stormwater management issues as a community and as a state. This issue became, once again, pushed to the forefront after a devastating flood occurred last September impacting many homes


The Plan

How Did We Get Here and What Can We Do? Review Commissioner Richardson's plan for how the community can navigate this issue before the next calamity, and resolve some of the outstanding issues of the last disaster.

Implementation Progress (Key Initiatives)

Local Grants

  • Designated Funds

  • Legal Opinion

  • Scope of Effort

  • Draft of Agenda Item (In Progress)

  • Distribution Structure

  • BOC Meeting Vote/Approve Funds and Distribution Structure

Stormwater Facilities Mapping

  • Designated Funds

  • BOC Agenda Item

  • Consultancy Selected

  • Private & Public Pipes Mapped (GIS)

  • Mapping Made Public

Federal Grants

  • Initial Conversation with HUD

  • Scope of Work Agreed (In Progress)

  • Program Modification

  • Government Statement on New Program

Stormwater Utility

  • BOC Vote Supporting Research by Water

  • Water Department Research

  • Water Presentation on Utility Cost and Scope (In Progress)

  • BOC Vote on Stormwater Utility

Green Infrastructure

  • Identified Problem Areas in Community (Includes roadway runoff)

  • Environmental Justice Agreement (In Progress)

  • Development on Sustainability Codes

  • Partnership on Green Infrastructure Projects

Intergovernmental Agreements

  • Cobb County Schools Agreement on New Schools and Stormwater Impact (In Progress)

  • Nearby County Impact Agreements

Public Management of all Stormwater Components

  • Establish Stormwater Utility (In Progress)

  • Mapping of all stormwater flows (intra and inter-county)

  • Develop Stormwater Master Plan

  • Establish Easements on Stormwater flow routes

Why is this Important?

  1. Water flows have no regard for property rights

  2. Changes in climate are impacting current infrastructure

  3. There are liability gaps in coverage and accountability

  4. Sustainable infrastructure accounts for maintenance (cleanliness), and upkeep (updates)

  5. Water quality can be impacted by an insufficiently managed stormwater system

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