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2024 Priorities Tour 

]As we kick off the new year, the commissioner is again meeting with organizations around Cobb to discuss community priorities for 2024. We hope you will take the time to schedule a Priorities Tour Stop with Commissioner Richardson, for her to formally address your group and present the current community priorities.

These tour stops are highly collaborative, and you and your organization or group will have the opportunity to offer changes in real time during her presentation. We ask for at least four people to join the call to ensure that it is as effective as possible.

Click here to book a tour stop now.

Previous Events

BOC Work Session 5/24/22

Q1 Town Hall 5/19/22

BOC Regular Meeting 5/17/22

BOC Regular Meeting 5/10/22

BOC Work Session 5/10/22

BOC Regular Meeting 4/26/22

BOC Zoning Hearing 4/19/22

Q1 Town Hall Promo 4/18/22

Wheeler Robotics Lab Unveiling 4/18/22

SEAP 4: Friends of Bolton Parks 4/13/22

BOC Regular Meeting 4/12/22

BOC Special Called Meeting 3/30/22

BOC Regular Meeting 3/30/22

BOC Zoning Hearing 3/15/22

BOC Zoning Hearing 3/15/22

Senior Mental Health Town Hall 3/10/22

Cobb Cityhood Town Hall 3/9/22

BOC Work Session 3/8/22

BOC Regular Meeting 3/8/22

BOC Solid Waste Management Authority Meeting 3/8/22

Flooding Aftermath Follow-Up 3/1/22

Cobb's Redistricting Map 2/22/22

BOC Regular Meeting 2/22/22

BOC Work Session 2/22/22

BOC Zoning Hearing 2/15/22

BOC Work Session 2/8/22

BOC Regular Meeting 2/8/22

SEAP 3: Citizens' Climate Lobby 1/28/22

BOC Regular Meeting 1/25/22

BOC Work Session 1/25/22

BOC Regular Meeting 1/11/22

BOC Regular Meeting 1/11/22

BOC Work Session 12/14/21

BOC Regular Meeting 12/14/21

BOC Regular Meeting 11/18/21

BOC Work Session 11/18/21

BOC Zoning Hearing 11/16/21

Veterans Day Discussion with Dan Hydrick 11/11/21

MSPLOST Town Hall (District 3) 11/9/21

BOC Work Session 11/9/21

BOC Regular Meeting 11/9/21

Braves World Series Championship Parade 11/5/21

SEAP 2: Archdiocese of Atlanta 10/28/21

BOC Work Session 10/26/21

BOC Zoning Meeting 10/19/21

Flooding Aftermath Virtual Forum 10/14/21

Akers Mill Ramp Ground Breaking 10/14/21

BOC Work Session 10/12/21

BOC Regular Meeting 10/12/21

New Cobb Police HQ Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony 10/7/21

BOC Regular Meeting 9/28/21

BOC Work Session 9/28/21

SEAP 1: Introduction 9/24/21

BOC Zoning Hearing 9/22/21

District 2 Youth Mental Health Town Hall 9/14/21

BOC Regular Meeting 9/14/21

BOC Work Session 9/14/21

BOC Regular Meeting 8/24/21

BOC Work Session 8/24/21

BOC Zoning Hearing 8/17/21

BOC Regular Meeting 8/11/21

BOC Regular Meeting 7/27/21

BOC Special-Called Meeting: Budget Hearing 7/20/21

BOC Zoning Hearing 7/20/21

Second Quarterly Report Town Hall 7/16/21

Regular BOC Meeting 7/13/21

Regular BOC Meeting 6/22/21

Regular BOC Meeting 6/22/21

BOC Work Session 6/22/21

BOC Zoning Hearing 6/15/21

Regular BOC Meeting 6/8/21

Regular BOC Meeting 5/25/21

BOC Zoning Hearing 5/18/21

Regular BOC Meeting 5/11/21

BOC Zoning Hearing 4/27/21

Agenda Preview 4/26/21

BOC Zoning Hearing 4/20/21

Zoning Agenda Preview 4/19/21

Regular BOC Meeting 4/13/21

Agenda Preview 4/12/21

Z-72 JOSH Town Hall 4/8/21

First Quarterly Report Town Hall 4/6/21

Regular BOC Meeting 3/23/21

Agenda Preview 3/22/21

Zoning Hearing 3/16/21

Zoning Hearing Preview 3/15/21

Cumberland CID Chat 3/12/21

Rental Assistance Recap 3/10/21

Regular BOC Meeting 3/9/21

State of the County 3/8/21

Agenda Preview 3/8/21

Drag Racing Recap 3/4/21

How Can We Help SMBs 3/3/21