Criminal Justice & Policing

Our community has expressed the need for improved relationships, greater support, lower crime, and an overall review of our entire system to reduce recidivism, improve fairness, and reduce opportunities for corruption or conflicts of interest. As a County Commissioner, there is an ability to influence these systems through community engagement and the funding of new processes as suggested by our Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement partners. To that effect, the 3Ps of Public Safety platform (Pay, Presence, and Partnership) has been expanded to the Justice 4 All initiative which is more inclusive of all elements to our criminal justice system.

The Commissioner's Approach

Law & Code Enforcement

Cobb County Public Safety team is dedicated to protecting and serving the community in a multitude of ways. Our teams are always looking for innovative ways to engage, improve transparency, and increase accountability.

These following are programs and investments under consideration that directly affecting code enforcement and law enforcement that will both improve retention and the standard that our men and women in blue are held to.

As for code enforcement, there are opportunities to make sure our codes are being enforced in communities that have little to no access or awareness of remediation processes.

Courts and Legal Standing

These are programs that will fulfill the county's obligation to ensure that the county is able to uniformly support the welfare of its residents with regards to our courts.


These are programs that specifically involve the community through programmatic efforts with staff and volunteers.

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