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Commissioner Richardson

Clara Romero 

Policy Intern

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What Do

Commissioners Do?

Primary Activities

Constituent Services Office Hours

Contact your county commissioner, for any reason, to be directed to services that may be of benefit. County commissioners can also serve as a representative on your behalf to other governing agencies.

Appoint a County Manager

County commissioners are responsible for hiring the county manager. The county manager is responsible for the management of the county services and its associated departments.

Produce and Educate on the Budget

The budget is comprised of nearly $500M and is coordinated between many departments. They also have the responsibility of socializing it within their respective communities to gain input.

Conduct Work Sessions & Make Declarations for Community Outreach

County commissioners can commission a study, coordinate planning sessions with a department, must participate and hold public meetings, and create public declarations for special days, events, people, or awards.

Vote on Tax & Budgetary Measures

County commissioners are responsible for voting on the budget, budgetary measures, designing tax districts (in conjunction with legislators), and other items.

Appoint Members to Boards

There are many departments in Cobb County government that have appointed leadership. These appointees reflect the values of their appointers and are responsible for making decisions regarding the direction or administration of services associated with the respective department.

Items in the Budget/Impact Opportunities

Land Use

How do we use the land available to us? (apportionment of transit, housing, public works)


Prediction and implementation of future housing needs.

Community Facilities

Improving and expanding the footprint of parks and recreational areas, access to water, libraries, solid waste management, and internal technologies

Human Services

Senior Services, Education (Coordination), Public Health

Natural & Historic Resources

Preservation of greenspace and historical landmarks

Public Safety

Public safety inter-governmental coordination, training, investment, crime prevention, and community services.

Disaster Resilience

Ensuring emergency preparedness, risk management, infrastructure analysis, and funding

Military Compatibility

The management of surrounding lands allotted for military use (Dobbins AFB) and the impact on the surrounding environment. The coordination of land use with the federal government.

Intergovernmental Coordination

Collaboration with city governments, state government, federal government, and local school boards in order to enact long term or emergency policies and initiatives.

Urban Design

City planning, coordination, administration of services, and density.

Economic Development

Redevelopment, revitalization, incentives, travel & tourism, international economic affairs, and job opportunities.


Transit options, vehicular options, freight, connectivity, and funding.


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