Develop in Cobb

How to Get Started

SPLOST Development Input

  1. Identify an open need

  2. Refer to the current approved "notebook"

  3. Determine if the ask is new or old

  4. Schedule Time with Commissioner Richardson

For Development Projects

  1. Decide Your Project Type

  2. Pick a Community (See Communities Below)

  3. Refer to Zoning and Land Use Plans

  4. Schedule Time with Commissioner Richardson

  5. Contact Civic Organization/Local Authority (See Organizations Below)

  6. Submit Application and Speak with John Pederson

  7. Check out Development Resources/Incentives

Video on Zoning Process

Watch the video with Dana Johnson, John Pederson, and Commissioner Birrell to learn more.

Things to Consider as a Developer

Note: Upon submitting an application, all of the related services will be automatically notified.

  • Fire Code

  • Stormwater Impact

  • Landscaping

  • Density (Future Land Use Plan)

  • Signage

  • Traffic Study

  • Impact to School

  • Special Permits

  • Related Stipulations


East Cobb Area

Low Density Residential, Light Commercial

Lower Roswell, Johnson Ferry, Roswell Rd, Terrell Mill, Woodlawn, Paper Mill, Sewell Mill, Holt Rd.

Contact: East Cobb Civic Association

Oakdale Area

Low, Medium and High Residential, Medium Commercial, Historical

Oakdale Rd, Atlanta Rd, S. Cobb Dr., Highlands Ridge, Cooper Lake

Contact: Oakdale Alliance

Vinings Area

Historical, Low and Medium Residential, Light and Medium Commercial

Woodlawn Brook Dr. , Paces Ferry

Contact: Vinings Homeowner's Association

Powers Ferry Corridor/Little Brazil

High and Medium Density Residential, Medium Density Commercial

Powers Ferry, Delk Rd, Windy Hill Rd

Contact: Powers Ferry Corridor Alliance

Cumberland CID

High density commercial and residential

Cobb Pkwy, Spring Rd., I-285, Cumberland Blvd, Circle 75 Pkwy

Contact: Cumberland CID

Johnson Ferry/Shallowford Area

Low Density Residential

Childers Rd, Shallowford, Johnson Ferry, Mabry Rd., Post Oak Tritt

Contact: East Cobb Civic Association


Municipal government, High density Residential, Medium Density Commercial

Cumberland Pkwy, King Springs, Concord Rd., Atlanta Rd, Windy Hill

Contact: Smyrna City Council

Cochise Area

Low Density Residential, Riverlands

Paces Mill, Cochise Dr., Paces Ferry Rd.

Contact: Vinings Homeowner's Association

Indian Hills

Low Density Residential, Historic

Indian Hills Pkwy, Lower Roswell

Contact: East Cobb Civic Association

Active Projects in District

$114M SPLOST Revenue Above Projects just passed. Read More

The Board of Commissioners just approved a list of projects to spend the additional $114M in revenues over projections for the SPLOST funds. Note: Projects must have been on an approved list for the 2016 SPLOST

Explore Current SPLOST Projects Around the County

Transportation Projects

Bob Callan Trunk Trail / Phase 2 Segment B (Project No. D11M0 – 2005 SPLOST – Dist 2)

Phase 2 of this trail project was initiated by the Cumberland Community Improvement District (CCID) as a single project to provide an extension of the existing network of trails in the Cumberland Galleria area by adding a 10-foot wide trail from Interstate North Parkway to Terrell Mill Road. The total length of this project was approximately 2.1 miles.

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) approved a revised concept in July 2013 to separate Phase 2 of this project into two segments. Segment A begins at the existing Bob Callan Trailhead on Interstate North Parkway and ends at the Interstate North Parkway crossing of Rottenwood Creek. Segment B continues along Rottenwood Creek to Terrell Mill Road.

Bob Callan Trunk Trail, Phase 2, Segment B, was previously evaluated and designed based on an alignment along Rottenwood Creek. Due to identified utility and constructability conflicts discovered during the design, the alignment has been modified, resulting in the need to redesign the project.

Cobb DOT Project Manager

Russ Ford (770) 420-6659

Leafwood Drive Drainage (Project No. X2266 – 2016 SPLOST – Dist 2)

View 2016 SPLOST Fact Sheet

Drainage System Improvements is an approved component in the 2016 SPLOST Transportation Improvements Program and includes repair and/or replacement of roadway drainage systems. The specific scope for this project is still in development.

Cobb DOT Project Manager

John Morey (770) 528-1661

Willeo Road over Willeo Creek (Project No. X2122 – 2016 SPLOST – Dist 2)

Construction Activities Forecast: coming soon!

View Travel Advisories/Lane Closures

Construction will require a 4-month closure of the bridge, which is expected to begin in late spring or early summer of 2021. While the exact date is yet to be determined, electronic message signs will be installed two to three weeks in advance of the closure to warn motorists to prepare for the detour.

View 2016 SPLOST Fact Sheet

This joint project with the City of Roswell includes a complete replacement of the existing bridge over Willeo Creek located on Willeo Road between Bywater Trail and Timber Ridge Road/Lower Roswell Road at the Cobb/Fulton County line. Construction activities for this project are scheduled to begin in the spring of 2021.

Project Information


City of Roswell Website:

Project Layout

Detour Map

Typical Section

Cobb DOT Project Manager

Karyn Matthews (770) 528-3685

Windy Hill/ Terrell Mill Connector (Project No. X2401 – 2016 SPLOST – Dist 2)

Construction Activities Forecast: March


  • Erosion Control

  • Continue Removal of Concrete Slabs/Walls from Building Demo

  • Continue Construction of Storm Drainage

  • Continue Drilling and Blasting Rock for Construction

  • Continue Grading

  • Continue Placement of Gravix Panels and Backfill for Walls 5 & 8

  • Begin Construction of Soil Nail Walls 6 & 7

  • Continue Utility Relocation Work

Construction for this project is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2022.

View Travel Advisories/Lane Closures

View 2016 SPLOST Fact Sheet

The project consists of a new thoroughfare between Windy Hill Road and Terrell Mill Road. This project will serve as a reliever for Powers Ferry Road by absorbing traffic normally traveling that route to and from Windy Hill Road and Terrell Mill Road. This project provides another route for traffic to access the I-75 Northwest Corridor Express Lanes, and the multi-use trail will provide a new trail connection to the Bob Callan Trail System.

The road will begin at the intersection of Spectrum Circle/Interstate North Parkway and Windy Hill Road and continue north, connecting at the current Bentley Road and Terrell Mill Road intersection. This will be a new four-lane road with a raised center median and will include sidewalk and a multi-use trail. The total project is approximately 0.70 miles in length. Construction for this project is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2022.

Cobb DOT Project Manager

Karyn Matthews (770) 528-3685

Woodland Brook Drive/Paces Ferry Road Pedestrian Improvements (Project No. X2728 – 2016 SPLOST – Dist 2)

View 2016 SPLOST Fact Sheet

Pedestrian Improvements is an approved component of the 2016 SPLOST Transportation Improvements Program. Pedestrian Improvements include construction of sidewalks and other pedestrian improvements along roadways in the vicinity of schools, activity centers, multi-modal facilities (transit stops/shelters, etc.), and other congested areas and include construction of pedestrian bridges where needed.

The proposed scope for this project includes improvements to the pedestrian crosswalk and tightening the turn radius at the intersection of Woodland Brook Drive and Paces Ferry Road.

Cobb DOT Project Manager

Karyn Matthews (770) 528-3685

Major Road Repavement Projects

Johnson Ferry Rd between Shallowford Rd and Post Oak Tritt Rd

Mabry Rd between Shallowford Rd and Alabama Rd

Ridge Rd between South Cobb Dr and Smyrna City Limits

Woodland Brook Dr between Log Cabin Dr and Paces Ferry Rd

Development Over Time