Watch the Second Quarterly Report Town Hall

Watch the First Quarterly Report Town Hall

What To Expect

Priorities and Progress

At the Q1 Quarterly Report Town Halls, Commissioner Richardson revealed the priorities for the year. She has identified several "North Star" metrics that will help ensure we are making meaningful, lasting, and desired progress. During Q2, Q3, and Q4 town halls, she will focus on how those goals are progressing in accordance to the Office's North Stars.

Live Polling

All town halls are highly interactive! We will ask polling questions throughout the presentation. Some questions may relate to upcoming issues, task forces, or simply ask what you would like to see for this upcoming year. We appreciate your attendance, and to an even greater extent, your voice.

Intergovernmental Updates

As you know, we have many layers of government- city, county, schools, state, and federal. During this portion of the program, you will be able to hear from a representative for these areas. Federal updates will only be included on a semi-annual basis.

Updates from the Quarter

This section will include updates from the County Government -latest actions, budget performance, and more. In addition to the County Government, there are many organizations that serve the community and make it a vibrant and attractive place to live. The presentation will include accomplishments from the Cobb Chamber of Commerce, The Cobb Foundation, Cumberland Community Improvement District, and others.

Upcoming Opportunities

We will also provide events and opportunities to look forward to and resources that may be of interest. We will be sure to follow up with you and get you involved in a meaningful way! My goal is to match passion with position and passion with opportunity.

Q & A

We will leave a portion of the event for Q&A. All questions must be received before hand in your registration form. That being said, please feel free to ask questions during the live stream, and we will do our best to connect with you and address it directly! If it is a big enough concern, we may even post a statement after the event.